Ecoway Energy Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of renewable and stationary products on based on lithium battery. The company is committed to providing clean energy solutions for various applications and is gaining fast growing in innovation technology.

Main business of the company is as following: new material technology promotion service; energy saving technology promotion service; lithium battery based new energy industry promotion; lithium battery cell, lithium battery module and pack supplying; lead-acid battery supplying; renewable energy consumption products supplying; energy storage system solution providing; electric vehicle solution providing; solar energy solution providing; smart grid solution providing; automobile wholesale, retail; auto parts sales, etc.

With the mission of developing green energy, the company will cooperate with partners,customers and scientific research institutions worldwide in the field of renewable energy. Adhering to the concept of "green, scientific and innovative, the company will keep moving forward to achieve win-win cooperation with their partners.