EV05 Plateform

The platform covers a full range of lithium-ion battery Electric Vehicles including EV PHEV HEV EREV and covering commercial vehicles passenger cars and special vehicles and compatible with LMO NCM LEF LTOetc. This product has man

1. single cell voltage detection (BMU module function);
2. single cell temperature detection (BMU module function);
3. the total voltage detection of battery pack;
4. the working current detection of battery pack;
5. Balanced management: active balanced + passive balanced, with balanced failure self-diagnosis function (BMU module function);
6. Thermal management: support heating management + cooling Management (BMU module function);
7. Charge management
8. Discharge management
9. Battery pack SOC estimation
10. Battery pack SOH estimation
11. Battery malfunction analysis and online alarm
12. CAN-bus equipment communication with on-vehicle controller and display system etc. (vehicle factory standard or follow to E-POW standard)
13. Communication with the ground charging set and hardware interface, (national standards, enterprise standards or E-POW standard);
14. Safety protection (over charge, over discharge, over-current, over temperature, insulation leakage, smoke sensor, fast pull insurance, relay);
15. BMS self-checking function;
16. Support 5 types Hardware wake-up, and support CAN bus remote wake-up;
17. Support delayed to turn off power management;
18. Support to record the operation of data, fault data, historical event data;
19. Support NTC temperature sensor detection (BMU module function);
20. Hardware self-diagnostic function;